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Data Integrity

Preventive Maintenance, Data Integrity & Backup Solution

This important branch of our support services encompasses those services that seek to minimize outages and maximize existing hardware/software resources. Some of these services require a service contract to be in effect prior to implementation.

Systems Monitoring & Alert Response
Many server outages and performance issues can be avoided through proper monitoring and response mechanisms. Items such as failed services/programs, overflowing log files, disk drives running out of space, impending hardware failures and many others can be monitored to provide both historical data (for capacity planning) and early warning notifications.

We can setup such a monitoring and response service that is custom designed for your particular environment, often with little or no additional software or hardware required. This service can track a wide range of system resources and send an email or page to an on call technician when a problem (or potential problem) is detected, thereby avoiding or minimizing downtime for your employees.

Data Integrity

Data Backups
After a suitable backup solution has been designed and implemented, regular report reviews, log file checkups, data coverage reviews and test restores remain an important and often neglected part of any proper backup solution. Through both onsite and remote support methods, we can ensure your most valuable data is properly protected against loss.

Data Security
While many small businesses feel that data security is not a serious concern, the rapid rise in unauthorized access to data by outside parties and even internal employees can be costly. Whether it's losing data to a malicious hacker or having valuable customer data given to a competitor through a disgruntled employee, it's important to understand your vulnerabilities. Proper implementation and maintenance of even a very basic security policy can avoid many potential disasters.
We can assist in implementing and maintaining a wide range of security environments. Items such as file/folder security, user ID's, firewalls and auditing can be combined to customer fit an environment that meets your needs and budget.