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Tuning & Optimization

Computer Tuning & Updates
As with any business asset, it makes sense to maximize the value of your investment in technology. Just as automobiles, buildings and other assets need periodic maintenance, so do your computer and network. There are a wide range of tasks that can be done on a regular basis to ensure your systems are running to their optimum levels. Some of these can easily be done by the average computer user, while others require more technical oversight. This would include such items as: windows and other software updates, regular windows maintenance, hardware cleaning and inspection, error log review, ect.

Network Optimization
For business with heavy network usage, periodic analysis of network traffic can help identify existing or potential performance or outage culprits. One of our IT Specialist can visit your site, connect to your local network and test the quality of traffic to identify any potential bottlenecks, defective hardware or noise interference. We can generate reports and offer solutions to improve data flow and prevent network errors. Office networks are dynamic in nature and network layouts vary by the size and type of organization, we have networked several offices and public institutions and we can also provide a solution or optimization for you.