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Avant Solution IT Security

Virus Protection, I.T. Security & Intrusion Detection

With the rapid expansion of the internet and wide access to information, viruses, hackers & internet scandals have become more common and dangerous. We offer solutions to deter these hazards from becoming a nightmare

Virus Protection

Installing and maintaining an adequate antivirus solution is no longer an option for any business dependent upon their computers. For those who are unprotected, it's not a matter of "if" but "when" they will be infected and "how much" damage will be caused by the virus. Like most data integrity solutions, it often does no good to implement a solution after a system has been infected. The cost of implementing and maintaining an up-to-date antivirus solution can easily cost less than recovering from a single malicious virus infection.
From technical/ product recommendations and initial install to regular program/virus list updates, we can assure you peace of mind in protecting your business.

I.T Security

Firewalls are hardware based devices that connect between your private LAN and the internet. Firewalls vary in price size and function, identifying and implementing the appropriate firewall for your office can prevent the compromising of your data. Through both onsite and remote methods, we can monitor your most valuable data and make sure that it is properly protected against loss.

Data Security
While many small businesses feel that data security is not a serious concern, the rapid rise in unauthorized access to data by outside parties and even internal employees can be costly. Whether it's losing data to a malicious hacker or having valuable customer data given to a competitor through a disgruntled employee, it's important to understand your vulnerabilities. Proper implementation and maintenance of even a very basic security policy can avoid many potential disasters.

The auditing process is a simple yet effective way of verifying everything. Do you know how much data is on your server? Are your virus updates really up to date? Are the firewall settings still set to the way you set it last month? The only way to know these answers is through an auditing process.

Intrusion Detection Alerts
It is no longer an ‘if’ but a ‘when’ some form of hacker, virus or Trojan horse will attempt to compromise your network and data. Preventing the attack is only part of the solution, however, identifying and eliminating the threat is the main course of action. If given enough time, a hacker or evolved virus will gain access to any network that is unprepared. It is essential to be alerted to attempts to infiltrate your network, and track the source of the attempt.

An often overlooked tool in I.T. logs. Who, What, When, Why, Where, are the questions logs can provide the answer to all those questions and provide tangible records in the event you need documentation.